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Progress Through Reflection: Looking Back to Move Forward

How do we build on our past and on our reflections of what we could have done differently? This post explores a number of the things I wish that I’d known years ago, musings on whether or not going back would really “fix” everything, and thoughts on what needs to happen in order to build on the lessons Im learning.

Taking Notice of Progress That’s Already Occured

This isn’t a post about specifics. It’s not a post about nailing down goals and mapping out a strategy for achieving them. It’s also not a post that’s about my stressing out or freaking out about money – though it would have been ridiculously easy for it to have headed in that direction. The reality…

Risks, Beauty, and Setting Aside the Challenges for the Sake of Progress

We all need to focus more on what we have to offer, on what we can do, and on what we hope to accomplish.

On Freedom, Happiness, and What Growth Looks Like

Instant gratification rarely leads to long-term happiness; be content with the now, look to the future, but try not to get caught up too much in the belief that there’s nothing to be gained from the now.

Why I’m Starting to Blog at Progress Everyday

I’m ready to start making progress and I know that it’s going to be a long, maybe even painful process. I’ll be setting goals, talking about the books that I’m reading, the changes I want to make and the efforts that I’m making, music I’m listening to, films that I’m watching, and the dreams that I hope to bring into the waking world.