Why I’m Starting to Blog at Progress Everyday

It’s easy to get caught up in what’s comfortable and to lose sight of where we are going and where we’ve been. It’s easy to just fall into the familiar of the status quo – so much so that it’s not uncommon for the uncomfortable to go unnoticed, to be seen as a sort of comfort, and to simply become routine.

But I’m tired of the routine.

I’m tired of not feeling like I’m making the progress that I want to and of feeling like, from one day to the next, I’m no closer to reaching the goals that I’ve set. More than that, I’m tired of feeling like I’m not willing to step out on a ledge and to set goals at all.

In the past, I suspect that I was too much of a perfectionist. When there was something that I wanted, I wanted it relentlessly. I’d put everything that I had in – and I’d keep going at full speed until I reached a destination. The challenge with that, though, is that the changes didn’t always last. Worse, a lot of the time it seemed as though it wasn’t until I reached a goal that I started to see that I wasn’t really going after anything that actually mattered. The more that happened, the harder that it started to be just to get started.

That’s not to say there haven’t been changes.

There have. Some have been huge, more than I could have hoped to see. Some have been smaller – so small that they’ve had to pile up atop one another to actually be seen.

Despite those changes, it still feels like something’s missing. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to wrap my head around what’s missing, around what I need, around what needs to change and how I need to grow to see myself becoming more the person who I want to be.

Enter this site.

I’m ready to start making progress and I know that it’s going to be a long, maybe even painful process. I’ll be setting goals, talking about the books that I’m reading, the changes I want to make and the efforts that I’m making, music I’m listening to, films that I’m watching, and the dreams that I hope to bring into the waking world.

I’m writing for accountability – to some extent, at least. I’m writing to share the journey. And I’m writing with the hopes that somehow I’m able to inspire others along the way.

Thanks for taking the journey with me.

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