Taking Notice of Progress That’s Already Occured

This isn’t a post about specifics. It’s not a post about nailing down goals and mapping out a strategy for achieving them. It’s also not a post that’s about my stressing out or freaking out about money – though it would have been ridiculously easy for it to have headed in that direction.

The reality is that last year I took on a fair amount of freelance projects and, as a result, have a 1099 form proving that there was income on which I haven’t yet paid taxes.

In the past, it wouldn’t have been uncommon for me to completely avoid things that I knew would lead to additional stress. One of these things involved doing taxes – at least when I knew that I was going to owe money. This year, I decided to do something a little bit different.

I knew that I was going to owe – both for my federal return and the state return. I didn’t know how much. So, I decided that since knowing really is half the battle, it was worth figuring that out. A quick 10 minutes with a free efile service gave me the information that I needed.

I’m not keen on talking numbers, so I won’t get into the specifics. But let’s just say that I definitely owe more than I have immediately available. Fortunately, I have a couple of months. And I have something of a plan. I just need to make sure that I’m taking the necessary steps to put that plan into action.

Interestingly enough though, it’s proving to be motivational: there are a few projects that I’ve had in mind for a while, and maybe now I’ll take the time to solidify my plans and get the necessary background work done. After all, I know that I need to do something – both to make sure that this is taken care of and to reach the additional big-picture goals that I’ve set for myself for the year.

What used to be enough to make me want to hide out and try to ignore the reality of a situation didn’t impact me in the same way this time. I’m sure that that’s something that counts as progress.

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