Saying Yes I Will to Change Perspective and Make Progress

Sometimes, the easiest thing to do is simply say no to change – to just make a decision (consciously or not) to ride out the tide of how things are rather than recognizing that the most important thing that we can do when we’re unsatisfied is to make a change.

I know. I’ve made that choice often. What I’m finding is that, well, it just wasn’t working for me. And, of course, that means that it’s necessary to change something.

Change is creepy, under-the-bed or hidden-in-the-closet-when-the-light-goes-out stuff. But, like those monsters that are probably not really there, the only way to get over the angst is to confront it.

For me, that means saying “Yes, I will,” to a number of little things – and hoping that it gives me the change in perspective that I know I need. What are some of those things?

  • Looking on the bright side.
  • Looking for solutions rather than dwelling on the problems.
  • Finding answers rather than settling for “I don’t know” (and it’s evil twin, “I don’t care”).
  • Focus on setting attainable short and longer term goals.
  • Reach out more when I know that I need to make a connection.
  • Emphasize doing rather than trying.
  • Work on building stronger relationships.
  • Speak up when I believe I have something to offer.

Some of these, of course, are easier than others – and I think that’s okay. Trying to tackle everything at once tends to be overwhelming and leads to accomplishing nothing particularly well.

Actually, I guess that’s one more for the list: Yes, I will accept that small steps count, matter, and ultimately make a big difference.

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