On Freedom, Happiness, and What Growth Looks Like

Ask a dozen people to define freedom and you’re probably going to get at least ten different explanations and concept to work with. Talk about happiness and you’re likely to find that there are people out there who don’t believe in it at all – it can be that elusive.

This morning, I read some posts around the web that talked about freedom, about creativity, about fear, and about happiness. In the post about happiness, the author talked about the challenges of expectations, needs, and our reactions to not having control. On a similar front, an acquaintance on Twitter shared the following thought this afternoon:

My reply surprised me: “On some level, isn’t it appreciation for what is versus wanting more?”

I’m at a strange point in life where it’s all too common to notice what isn’t going as well as I would like it to. I know that there are things that I can control and things that I cannot. I know that so many small changes have already taken place to bring me to where I’m at, and I’m able to look at plans and see where I’m going. The problem – and part of why I find myself slowing down and trying to focus on the little signs of progress – is that I want to be there already. I don’t often believe that I have the patience to live here in the now.

I wonder if that’s what has been leaving me so restless during the past few months. I wonder how much living in the now – hard as I try – is still impacted negatively by how I hope to live in the future. I wonder if some of my frustrations come from tripping over the goals that I didn’t set in the past.

Maybe today’s moment of growth and insight is simply this: Instant gratification rarely leads to long-term happiness; be content with the now, look to the future, but try not to get caught up too much in the belief that there’s nothing to be gained from the now. Because, really, all we have is this moment. It teaches us and will shape us and, ultimately, help to guide us to the moment in the future where we no longer are trying to bend reality to suit us.

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