Making Progress by Starting Small

Some days, it seems like identifying the direction I’m heading in is easier than others. Factor in the way that days pile up on one another, and the way weeks become months and the months become years, and it’s easy to see why we all get sidetracked sometimes.

Three things I’ve been neglecting?

  1. Time with friends
  2. Seeing more live music (as well as discovering new bands)
  3. Letting go of the fear of rejection

Therefore, 3 simple, goals/points of focus:

  1. Make a commitment to spend more time with friends – even if it means scheduling dinners out or afternoon movies a month or more in advance
  2. Make time for music:
    • See at least one live show each month
    • Check out at least one new album each week
  3. Open up to another friend or family member each week about the bigger life changes that are going on

To make changes, I’m going to stick with trying the small stuff – at least for now.

One Response to Making Progress by Starting Small
  1. Emily
    January 24, 2011 | 2:45 pm

    Sounds like a good plan. I know it can be hard to force yourself to stick to plans and goals, but it is amazing how positive movement really does add up to big change eventually.

    Hang in there

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